Still Image

Computer generated images are an art form. The most powerful images take the eye of a talented artist with a true eye for detail and a thorough understanding of the tools and capabilities available. We are constantly working with the latest technology, new ideas and techniques to help make each development look as realistic as possible and stand out from the competition.

Photo realistic images take away the uncertainties your clients or investors may have about a project and bridge the gap between the Architects vision and the clients understanding.

Visualization Process
Stage 1

At Stage 1 we build the 3D Model. We take the plans and elevations in DWG format (AutoCAD) and import them directly into the 3D software. These plans and elevations form the basis of the model – we do not redraw them.

Stage 2

At this stage test images will be issued with fully textured models, lighting setup and the final camera views. Please check lighting and the overall look of the materials. It’s very important to set the final camera views at this stage.

Stage 3

At Stage 3 we bring life into the scene by distributing plants, cars, people (3D) and additional objects. This is the last stage before rendering, so it is important to check landscaping and the overall position and orientation of the objects in the scene.

Stage 4

Stage 4 is divided into 2 parts. In part 1 we render the final images. Part 2 consists of post production of these images, where we final adjust colour, contrast and general feeling of the perspective. At this Stage it is possible to add people (2D) to the rendered image.

Animation services

We create visually sumptuous 3D films of architecture using the latest techniques in animation; this is then composited together with sound and graphics to meet whatever the client’s requirements may be.

There are differing levels of service when it comes to animation and therefore differing levels of cost. We provide sketch animations that can be used at concept stage when specifications are not fully resolved and budgets are limited. This approach is useful for developers or designers who are selling ideas that are not fully resolved to planners or clients.

We also produce fully detailed, photo realistic productions with traffic flows, integrated footfall patterning with moving people and sound. These animations are usually commissioned for larger scale projects for detailed planning proposals and as part of marketing packages.

Animations can be stand alone with their own computer generated environments, or montaged into live film footage, montages are especially effective with large scale urban regeneration & master planning projects where the client is looking to demonstrate the overall impact of a project to planners or potential investors.